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VK LEGAL- a team of qualified lawyers that have accumulated many years of experience in drafting agreements, dealing with various legal issues related to the protection of personal data, labour law, debt recovery and other areas of law. We always strive to satisfy our clients’ expectations and raise high standards for ourselves.


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It should be noted that a properly prepared agreement: Helps to maintain stable and productive relationships; Helps to avoid litigation; Prevents the occurrence of losses; And helps to avoid other negative consequences. We are preparing all types of agreements that meet your individual needs and situation: shareholder agreements; employment agreements; joint venture agreements; confidentiality agreements; non-competition agreements; lease agreements; sublease agreements; purchase-sale agreements; provision of services agreements; loan agreements; security of performance of obligations (pledge, hypothec, suretyship, guarantee); other agreements. In addition, we are performing the legal analysis of agreements provided by the client.
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Protection of personal data

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation) is applicable as of May 25th, 2018 in all member states, including Lithuania. This Regulation establishes rules for collecting, processing, storing personal data of employees, customers or other individuals and imposes penalties for breaches of these rules. We will help you to implement the requirements of the Regulation and avoid penalties! We are preparing and reviewing in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation: forms of consent for companies processing the personal data of employees, customers or others individuals; rules for the processing the personal data; rules of usage of video surveillance cameras; data processing agreements; terms of use of web sites, forms of consent for processing the personal data; and other procedures and rules that ensure that you meet all the requirements of the Regulation.
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Labor law

We are helping our clients to meet all the requirement of the new Labor Code and we are preparing and reviewing such documents: labor agreements; non-competition agreements; procedure of usage of information and communication technologies; procedure of the employee monitoring and controlling; personal data protection policy and its implementing measures; rules of work procedure; remuneration system rules; equal opportunities policies; package of the documents for the election of the Working Council and work regulations of the Working Council; and other new mandatory provisions and policies.
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Debt recovery

We provide different types of debt recovery services: 1) Pre-trial debt recovery – during this procedure we are contacting with your debtor, sending notices on outstanding debt, making debt repayment schedules and taking other actions which ensure that the debtor will fulfill his obligations. 2) Judicial debt recovery - judicial proceeding should be initiated in case when the pre-trial debt recovery procedure has become ineffective.
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